Memorial Garden and Church

Mission Statement

With God's help, we as a parish and individuals will work to be a worshipping family, which grows in the presence of Christ. We will strive to bring God's love to each other, our neighborhood, and the world. As we grow in Christ, Christ will grow in us.

Parish History

The story of St. Thomas began in the 1950s, when local residents began to dream of an Episcopal Church in the Norwood community. So grave were their doubts, they chose St. Thomas, the doubting apostle, as their patron. Such fears were soon allayed, however, on November 24, 1957. On that day, the fledgling congregation held services in a vacant storefront. A short time later, the new church achieved mission status. St. Thomas grew quickly, and by the 1960s was housed in the current parish house and classroom extension. Steady growth continued and in the 1980s work began on a larger and more permanent house of worship. The nave and sanctuary were dedicated on April 26, 1987. That year, at the annual diocesan convention, St. Thomas became a parish of the church. St. Thomas celebrated its fiftieth birthday on November 24, 2007.

Today, the church stands as a testament to the faith and perseverance of its founders. No longer filled with doubts, we look forward to a future of growth, worship, and Christian service.

Parish Staff

The Right Reverend George D. Young III - Bishop of East Tennessee
The Rev. Howard B. Bowlin - Priest-in-Charge
David Ensley,M.M. - Organist and Choir Master
Carol Marshall - Acolyte Mistress
Evelyn Bradley, Blanche Pedersen, Kathy Walker, Carolyn Wood - Office Volunteers

Parish Vestry

Term Ends 2011

Byron Harmon
Richard Mathews
Bruce Ragon

Term Ends 2012

Tim Ezzell
Carol Marshall
Kathy Walker

Term Ends 2013

Evelyn Bradley
David Ensley
Tom Griffin

Officers of the Vestry

Bruce Ragon, Senior Warden
Richard Mathews and Tom Griffin, co-Junior Wardens
Kathy Walker, Treasurer
Blanche Pedersen, Clerk of the Vestry